The time has finally come for me to leave for China. After several months of preparation, it didn’t seem like I would ever get to go. I haven’t been nervous as of yet, but today I’m feeling pretty anxious. I really think I’m going to start talking to people in Spanish because that’s the language I’ve become accustomed to using when I can’t speak to someone. That probably won’t go over well. The picture posted is of most of the stuff I’m bringing with me. There are couple more books and a pair of snow boots that aren’t pictured, but other than that, that’s about everything. The biggest frustration thus far has been the situation with my laptop(s). I bought one new this summer, and I must have left it plugged into the wall during a thunder storm. The hard drive got fried, so it is off getting repaired. Still, I was fine because I could just take my mom’s laptop, and she could have mine when it got back. It was a great plan until it became terminally ill last night, the day before departing. So resolving that is the central challenge of the day. Other than that, I just have to sit on a plane and in airports for at least 27 hours starting at about 5:00PM today. My flight is out at 8:30. All that said, I’m incredibly excited. I looked at the weather for when I arrive. The high will be 78 and the low 48. That’s reason enough to be excited. I can’t wait to walk around and be overwhelmed.

  • lisa theobald

    SIR MURPHY!!! YOU ARE IN CHINA!!! THAT’S AMAZING!!! I am so excited for you, and excited about this blog thing so I can keep up with your incredible experiences. I am really excited to hear about the first time you try to speak to a little chinese man in spanish, in china, that will be a good story I’m sure. Looking forward to read the next update :)

  • Mrs. N

    I hope you arrived safely…we have been keeping you in our prayers! Have a wonderful experience! Love Ya!