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Trip to Wudalian Chi

On Friday, I went to dinner with the same four students that had taken me out to dinner. I told them that since they took me out the first time, I would take care of dinner the next time. We went to a restaurant near our school that I pass by twice daily on the […]

All Work and No Play Makes Ryan a Very Dull Boy

Sunday morning, I got up early to take some pictures and do some studying. After walking around and taking some pictures, I sat down in a park by the river to study. Everyone is up early on Sundays. People are playing badminton and ping pong. Adults are doing exercises like Tai Chi and inline skating. […]

The First Week of Class

True to my word, I have made an update in a reasonable amount of time given the detail I choose to write in. I feel that I should warn before you start reading that some of this post is R-rated. There is profanity and reference to morally compromising sexual behavior. This is fair warning; if […]

A Small Problem

I just put up a post that details the last week. I started writing it before the two previous posts, so it isn’t at the top of the page. The post is titled Teaching, Studying, and Such. Scroll down to it, or you can click on the title in the taskbar on the right.

Good News/Bad News

So this Monday, I started a Chinese class. Its at Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT). Its going to be great. HIT is one of the best schools in China. My class is filled with people from all over the world. There are plenty of Koreans and Russians. There are three Africans, two Arabs, one Canadian, […]

Stories I’ve Heard

There are a couple stories I’ve heard here that I figure are worth sharing. They’re all from English speaking foreigners (because those are the only people I can talk to). I want to share them because they either have granted me insight into being here, embodied my experiences and sentiments, or were simply entertaining. I […]

Teaching, Studying, and Such

I, once again, have not updated in a while. I need to post frequently because its the little things that yield the most poignant revelations, and when I go back and write about several days, I can only recall big events. I also can’t promise that these events occurred in this order either, but the […]

Food, Brands, and Basketball

Its been a couple days since I last updated, and now that I sit down to write its hard for me to remember everything that has happened in that time. I think that’s because the last couple of days have been less remarkable than some other days I’ve had. On Sunday morning, I went swimming […]


I’ve had a pretty exciting last two days. I feel like I have accomplished quite a bit. In the morning yesterday, I purchased a cell phone. I was debating on whether I wanted one or not, but I decided it would be the best way to keep me connected to both the locals and the […]