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National Day Omissions and Recent Weeks

In addition to new events, there were a couple things that happened over the National Day week that I forgot to write about. I think they are noteworthy so I’m going to fill in the omissions. This is going to be another long one. The first thing that really happened over the National Day week […]

National Day

It has been quite a long time since my last post, and I apologize for that. Much has occurred in that time. I had a week long holiday for National Day. Unlike my previous posts, I will only hit the highlight events, so those of you who enjoy reading about every time I went to […]

One Month Analysis

This post is almost entirely analysis. There are no fun stories. I’m sorry. There is just insight into the things I have been thinking about since I’ve been here. Its the National Day holiday this week, so I have had time to gather my thoughts a bit and share them with you. My first month […]