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Guilin and Yangshuo

When we arrived in Guilin, we quickly and easily checked into our hostel. Our train arrived at nine and we were out strolling around the city by ten. We were immediately impressed with Guilin. The city is full of water. There are three rivers flowing past karst peaks. All the streets are tree-lined, and everything […]

Crystal’s Village

Here is the second installment of my journal entries. Make sure to check out the corresponding album on my picture site to see what everything looked like. I just woke up from my first night on the hard sleeper car on the train. It was such a treat; I could barely stop smiling. It was […]

Begining of the Travel Posts: On the Train

As always, I apologize for the delay in putting up this post. There has been a drastic change in my situation that has hindered my writing. I have returned to America. I have been in the Atlanta area for over two weeks now and have established myself with a place to live and a job. […]