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From Beihai, we went to Kunming. We took a bus from Beihai to Nanning, milled around for the day, and took a night train to Kunming. We got second class sleeper tickets, and our beds were next to two other travelers from England. One was a student in Shanghai, and the other was his girlfriend […]


Grace and I completely changed our plans for the trip at this point. We chose to forgo traveling through Guizhou Province, one of the least developed provinces in China, and went south to Beihai. Beihai is the second choice in China for beaches to Sanya in Hainan Province. We opted Beihai because it was much […]


Grace and I were off the next morning. We hopped on a bus from Longsheng to Sanjiang from there we would head to the village of Chouyang. The bus ride to Sanjiang took four hours alongside a road that was under construction. The road we traversed was a muddy dirt road with crater pot holes. […]