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School Choice Is Good, Unless Its The Wrong Choice

My mom sent me an email a few days ago about a Charter Schools USA (CSUSA) charter school that was trying to get approval in Cherokee County, Georgia. I have a stake in the decision. In addition to being a product of Cherokee County schools, my mom is a second grade teacher in the school district. […]

Lessons From My Dad

As a salesman, my dad travelled a lot while I was growing up. My mom was charged with fighting the day-to-day battles that shaped me into who I am, but my dad made sure to be around and involved as much as possibly he could. He coached little league, led my Cub Scout den, and […]

Libya and Bullshit

This post is a response to a comment made in passing on my friend’s blog, Forms of Inquiry. I believe that everyone has as innate bullshit detector. The stated rationale for invading Libya should be making your bullshit detector go off. It is certainly morally desirable to prevent the suffering of innocents, and the morality […]