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Why Greece Should Default: Its Time to Start Over

Earlier, I claimed that despite the grave consequences, Greece should default. Default would not be pretty for Greece or the rest of the world, but I firmly believe it is better than the alternative. The international consequences of a Greek default would have a significant impact on Greece itself. When Europe’s banking system starts to […]

Weekend Reading

There’s my Chippy! Here are a few long reads that I particularly liked. They’re not necessarily news anymore. Thanks to all the readers that shared these articles with me.

Biking New Orleans

I love riding my bike. It makes sense on so many levels. Its my transportation, exercise, and time to think. I save money on gas, stay in shape, and get to blow off some steam. New Orleans is a great place to bike. The city is small enough to get to most places in 15 minutes and […]

Four Votes from the End of the World

There was a popular economic theory last decade called “decoupling”. Decoupling was the idea that the stability and viability of the world’s economies were becoming independent of each other. It held that China’s success wasn’t subject to US success, the US wasn’t subject to Europe, Europe wasn’t subject to China, and so on. Decoupling was rightly […]

Free Lunches In An Open World

An economic truism is that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. While lunch itself may not be free, you can get a lot of free software and education. In the open source movement, a lot of skilled programmers have put their time into software that they give away. You can get graphic editors, […]

Silver is on the Scoreboard

You’ll notice a new tab on the site called “Scoreboard”. Basically, I’m sharing my investments, so you can see for yourself whether I know anything about the subjects I feel confident enough to write about. It will allow you, fair reader, to judge my expertise and motives. Its a gesture of openness and accountability that I’d […]