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How To Travel

This is the second post written to promote the Meet, Plan, Go! conference in New Orleans where I’ll be speaking on October 18th. The first post gives my case for why you should travel. These are just my travel preferences. I can’t pretend that my preferences are objectively better. I’ve enjoyed traveling the most when I’ve been […]

Why Travel

Teaching a Chinese schoolkid who’s boss This post is written to promote the Meet, Plan, Go! conference in New Orleans where I’ll be speaking on October 18th. Everyday, we carry with us innumerable assumptions. It took us a lifetime to weave this web of assumptions. This web supports every aspect of our lives. It defines how we […]

#OccupyWallSt and the Dilemma of Protest

I went to New York last Sunday for Finovate, but there was something else I wanted to see while I was there. Last Saturday, a few thousand individuals indignant with our current political state attended a US Day of Rage. Their slogan was “One Citizen, One Vote, One Dollar”. The message is that only citizens, not corporations, […]

Technology Holding Businesses Accountable

I went to Finovate in New York City with Rebirth Financial this past week. It was a great experience for me and the company. The networking, information, advice, and press were all extremely valuable. I wrote about the event from our company’s perspective on the company blog. There were two other companies presenting at Finovate […]