When Queers Can Get Married

In honor of election day, I’m releasing this satire music video that some friends and I made in support of gay marriage. The song was written by contributor Ellis Millsaps and recorded by Neon Madmen. I think that its pretty clear what we’re trying to say with the video, but since this is the internet, I’m going to spell it out. 

“When Queers Can Get Married” assumes the voice of those opposed to gay marriage and ridicules their position. They destroyed the sanctity of the institution, not gay marriage. Their understanding of homosexuals is based purely on stereotype rather than experience and understanding. Their social norms allow them to glorify homosexuality among women, yet they don’t see any contradiction with this preference and their overall position. We even try to suggest closet homosexuality on the part those who are stridently opposed to gay rights, which seems to be the case surprisingly often.

Without recognizing the contradiction, those who advocate limited government with one hand try to enforce their social norms with the other. Let consenting adults live however they choose. Government has no role in deciding whether these relationships are legitimate.