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Technology Holding Businesses Accountable

I went to Finovate in New York City with Rebirth Financial this past week. It was a great experience for me and the company. The networking, information, advice, and press were all extremely valuable. I wrote about the event from our company’s perspective on the company blog. There were two other companies presenting at Finovate […]

Weekend Reading

There’s my Chippy! Here are a few long reads that I particularly liked. They’re not necessarily news anymore. Thanks to all the readers that shared these articles with me.

Silver is on the Scoreboard

You’ll notice a new tab on the site called “Scoreboard”. Basically, I’m sharing my investments, so you can see for yourself whether I know anything about the subjects I feel confident enough to write about. It will allow you, fair reader, to judge my expertise and motives. Its a gesture of openness and accountability that I’d […]

Lessons From My Dad

As a salesman, my dad travelled a lot while I was growing up. My mom was charged with fighting the day-to-day battles that shaped me into who I am, but my dad made sure to be around and involved as much as possibly he could. He coached little league, led my Cub Scout den, and […]

The Fed Can’t Fix Unemployment

Monetary policy had a rare moment in the spotlight this week with Ben Bernake’s press conference. Granted, it took the stage right after Obama revealed his birth certificate and right before two people from England got married, but when is monetary policy ever going to get the nation’s attention? Before the conference, the New York Times […]