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Revisied, Again

I have renewed access to the World Wide Web beyond the firewall, so I’m taking another shot at getting the links to my articles right. All of the links should go to the right articles now. Here are they are: Money Zone (financial policy climate in Shanghai’s finance economic zone) Jargon buster (explaining the acronyms […]


It is August 1st, and that means the newest issue of China EconomicReview is available online. I know how you all anxiously await the dayChina Economic Review comes out every month, but this month’s issue isextra special because my two articles have been published. Here arethe links to download the PDF version of the full […]

A familiar face

As you may have heard, there was an eclipse over Shanghai and much of East Asian last Wednesday. There was a lot of excitement surrounding the eclipse because it was going to be the longest of the 21st century. People had been planning trips outside of the city for better viewing and buying sunglasses to […]

Its time for a sex talk

So much for frequent updates. As previously stated, I planned to post more often with videos and pictures, but I recently lost my camera. I had been carrying in my laptop bag. I took it out to make a video of a cop directing traffic like there was no tomorrow, and I haven’t seen it […]

What is the URL for your website?

To follow up on my last post, I’m putting up links to articles I’ve found over the last week about how the Chinese government is responsive to the public in the context of a recent internet censoring policy. (I read a lot of news everyday now. It’s my job.) The interaction of an authoritarian regime […]

Snake or Snacks, What’s the Big Deal?

Last weekend, I met up with another classmate from law school, Fei, and we went to dinner together. We had all our classes together, but we had never really gotten to know each other outside of school. I learned a lot about him over the course of the night. We met at a restaurant by […]

Return to China

This post is epic. It is so long that you may wonder what kind of narcissist writes this much about themselves. In an effort to keep you from hating me while reading this, I have divided the post into three sections so you can take breaks: part 1) a narrative of my journey to this […]

The End of Part I

Grace and I decided to go to Dali and Lijiang after leaving Kunming. Our options from Kunming were to head towards the Himalayas to the northeast or to the Southeast Asian minority villages in the Xishuangbanna Region on the Laos and Burmese borders. We chose the former. When it came time to leave, we couldn’t […]


From Beihai, we went to Kunming. We took a bus from Beihai to Nanning, milled around for the day, and took a night train to Kunming. We got second class sleeper tickets, and our beds were next to two other travelers from England. One was a student in Shanghai, and the other was his girlfriend […]


Grace and I completely changed our plans for the trip at this point. We chose to forgo traveling through Guizhou Province, one of the least developed provinces in China, and went south to Beihai. Beihai is the second choice in China for beaches to Sanya in Hainan Province. We opted Beihai because it was much […]